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Welcome. I'm a graphic, web and motion designer based in Hillcrest, Durban, KZN. I craft digital experiences for brands and companies worldwide through the use of clean website code, impactful design, professional photography and video. I've created printed and digital content for both local and international brands, and have recently completed a stint as a freelance designer for Barrows Global (UK) where I worked on brands such as Budweiser and Essity. Back home in South Africa I developed an intranet portal for Massmart and designed websites for hundreds of small to medium sizes businesses.

Latest Work

Lexsea 2017 Catalogue – Photo Shoot

03 Nov 2016

Lexy has launched a range of beachwear and accessories, and came down to Durban from JHB to do a photo shoot. These are the images that are going to appear on her website and other marketing material. I met Lexy and her sister Kate on the Umhlanga beach, they arrived with a rack full of clothing and…

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Kangelani Lodge – Photo Shoot

28 Oct 2016

Kangelani Lodge are redesigning their website and were in need of updated images, so they called me in to take photos. We had to postpone the shoot originally because they had guests checking in at the last minute. I took photos of the exterior from the front and back, pool, bar, reception, lounge, dining hall and…

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Labora Shoes – Videos

20 Oct 2016

I was asked by a company called Labora Shoes to put together two videos for an event they were hosting. One of the videos was about the founder of the company and the book that he had written about his life and rise to success, the other was about the foundation that he founded. I…

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Glodina Textiles – Photo Shoot

27 Apr 2016

It’s been a while since I posted a shoot that hasn’t been a wedding or at least wedding related. I also do corporate photography during the week, and the Glodina shoot was a typical day at a company for me. My main focus was the staff portraits which took most of the morning, then when those were…

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Brahman Hills – Photo Shoot

03 Feb 2016

There is a well known wedding venue / B&B in the Nottingham Road area called The Windmills, well they have rebranded and changed it’s name to Brahman Hills. They’ve also added a new larger reception venue, more rooms and a spa. All of this of course meant that they needed new photos for their website,…

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